88 Color Glitter Palette Special Edition from Beauty Treat [Review]

glitter palette

88 Glitter Palette Special Edition Eye Shadows


My sincere apologies for not making any review post since last month. I had been busy because of new semester load.. However, Sundays are always fun ^^

Coming to the review of 88 glitter palette special edition. I ordered this glitter palette online and was super excited to see when it arrived.. I felt in love with these shining glittery jewels.. 

Below are a few pictures of the box and creamy glitter palette.

glitter palette

Box – front

glitter palette

Box – Back

glitter palette

Palette – Top

Palette - Top

Palette – Top

Palette - First Look

Palette – First Look

Glitter Palette - Top Veiw

Glitter Palette – Top View

Palette Colors

Palette Colors – Close Up

Palette Colors - Glitters

Palette Colors – Glitters

These glitters are beautiful and are creamy sparkles in consistency.


sheer creamy consistency with sparkles

They are not good to apply directly on eyelids because of sheer consistency. You have to use matte powder shadow first and then apply these glitters.

I have used blue matte eye shadow and white silver matte shadow in inner corners. Then I’ve applied blue and silver glitters.  Then used eye liner and mascara.. here is how it looks ~^^

IMG_6893_1 IMG_6895_1


Final verdict:
This pallet contains all the glitters in different colors and it is good for party makeup. However, I don’t recommend every girl must have it~ ^^

I hope you like my review of 88 professional glitter pallet. Let me know your favorite eye shadow pallet 🙂  Thank you for reading my post~


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