Review: Magic Tint Balm from Etude House in Magic Red Color No. 1 (10g)



Look at this cute shiny magical glowing container of lip balm from Etude house. Who will not fall in love with this beautiful packaging ~ Etude house is best for their product designs. ❤



Review: Look at My Eyes – Cafe Latte (BR405) Eye Shadow from Etude House

Etude House eye shadow

Etude House eye shadow

I bought this light pink shade of eye shadow from Etude House. I use it almost everyday~

***It is in my favorite lists of shadows for daily wear.***

It gives some life and brightness to my sleepy eyes :p lolx..

I really love this brown/pink/nudy/soft looking color~


Etude House Eyeshadow Green and Orange


Hi friends,

Has anybody ever tried these two colors from Etude House. I would love to read your reviews on these single eyeshadows.

Actually I want to buy a dark green shadow but I always find khaki shadows in almost every Korean brands. I saw this color somewhere and saved the picture. Now I want to read your reviews so I may go and buy this color. @@

Please recommend me other Korean brands which offer similar shadow colors.

Thanks for sharing your reviews and suggestions ~ ^^ ♥

[Review] Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer


Eye primers is necessary product or just an addition in the makeup line?

Oh yes, it is really needed when you are going to apply eye shadows for a party, specifically shadows that are powder ones…

Eye primer gives a longer retaining life to your shadows and the colors do not smudge off ^^


I bought this Etude House Proof 10 eye primer last time I went to Etude House, I must say that it is really cute and awesome product~  More

[Review] Oh My EyeLine Eyeliner Etude House

Oh my Eyeline -- from Etude House

Oh my Eyeline — from Etude House

Etude House have these beautiful eyeliners in 3 colors (black, gray, and brown)

My Choice:

Gray looked similar to black and less dark, which I don’t like~ :-p
I already had so many black eyeliners from different brands that I could not pick the black one~ hehe.. Also, I am not sure about purple and blue :-p


[Review] Hot Style Hair Spray (Ultra Hard) Etude House


Hot Style hair spray from Etude House is my recent favorite item and I want to share my reviews with all of you. ^^

This is a product worth purchase. It is affordable with greater quality 😉

*******How to Use******** 

1) Wash you hair and let them dry

2) Tease your hair with a comb to give them volume look

3) Spray your hair for them to stay in style ^^

( More

[Review] Breath Mist Perfume Peach (17 ml) Etude House


Etude House Breath Mist Perfume

Etude House — breath mist

Etude House have various useful products. Breath mist/perfume is among one of them..  More

[Review] Dr. Lash Ampule Long & Volume Etude House

Hi girls~

Who loves long and healthy eye lashes?? YES~ every girl wants long and healthy eyelashes. Really, your eye lashes glorify your beauty. ~

Etude house have a wonderful product for your lashes care, named “Dr. Lash Ampule”.


This product includes two items, 1) Dr. Lash Ampule, and 2) Dr. Lash Serum and one Scale (in millimeters)

[REVIEW] Etude House Wash Off Pack (Brightening Up) 150 ml


Today I am reviewing ” Wash Off Pack “from Etude House (150 ml).

CYMERA_20141228_053900 More

[Review] Etude House Kissful Lip Care scrub

Today I am going to review a wonderful lip scrub by Etude House.

image More

[Review] Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails – No.5 Princess Marry


Today I am reviewing “Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails” from Etude House. 

This package has three nail polishes with different glittering sizes for perfect gradation. More

[Review] Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring (Natural Brown BR 08)


Today I am reviewing Bubble Hair Coloring from Etude House — Natural Brown Color. 


[Review] Etude House Hair Tools (Bangs Cut Kit)


Today I am reviewing the girl’s most favorite hair tool. ^^ Yes, it is a bangs cut kit..


Etude House Craziness ^_*


Etude House in Korea is very famous among ladies and is a leading brand name.

Because Christmas is approaching, (Voyla) Etude House have a super cute pinky sale on their pinkish items *_* hehe…

pink wish More

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