Hair accessories for daily hair styling

Hi beautiful girls ^^

Its been long time since I wrote my last post. I missed all my fellow bloggers very much~ Also, I am so sad for not being able to make posts due to the heavy work burden at School. Anyways, I am back with more enthusiasm and energy to make interesting posts and I hope you enjoy it.

Today, I will write a post about hair accessories and how you can style your hair everyday~:)


1. First thing is, buy some hair clips that are available in different colors and shapes. Like the ones below:

IMG_7320 IMG_7321

IMG_7338 IMG_7337

IMG_7336 IMG_7333

These are inexpensive (1$ each), easy to wear all day and look elegant…. check how these look~

IMG_7325 IMG_7331 IMG_7346_1

2. Get different colored elastic hair ties. They look beautiful  and also u don’t get hair curls… ^^

IMG_7267_1 IMG_7350 IMG_7352

Tie your hair in the end after a braid or tie as a simple pony tail on your side~its looks casual and awesome.

3. Another hair accessory that is super important to have in your drawer is headbands

They come in different shapes and are made of different materials. Some are only made of plastic, but others are made nicely. They give you an amazing look. By just wearing only headband makes a big difference. believe it ~

IMG_7297 IMG_7298

professional-womans-headband-2  download 00-large-1

4. Next is scrunchies. You can make a gorgeous high hair bun(if you have long/medium hair).

pint  94fdc121b27ae381d70a42226dd24c94

Sorry I had to borrow these images from web.. I have currently no picture with a hair bun/headband.I will update it..



My daily-wear hair style favorites are side-braid, hair band, ponytail, and high bun.. 🙂

side braid HB-GATSBY

ponytailmessy hair bun

I hope you like this post and get some idea of how to style your hair everyday ^^

Let me know what is your daily hair styling favorites..?? Comment below ❤

With love,



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