Table Setting of Korean Food ^^

Table settings for Korean Food~ Post from #CommunityKorea

In the traditional Korean table setting, all dishes are served on one table at the same time as an open space pattern. The basis of the table setting is for one person. Table settings are classified as bap-sang (regular dining table) with cooked rice as the main dish, juk-sang (porridge table), myeon-sang (noodle table), juan-sang (liquor table), dagwa-sang (refreshment table), and gyoja-sang (large dining table).

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[Review] Korean Foods (For Vegetarians and Sea Food Lovers) ^^


Today’s post is about the food that foreigners can eat & enjoy in Korea. This post is specially for the vegiee and sea food lovers. ^^

Okay, here are the pictures of the food that you can eat and the food is really healthy and awesome in taste too….  ❤

1. Pancake Pizza
This is a pancake pizza. It has fresh vegetables and it’s kind of really soft and tasty. I don’t exactly remember the name of this dish in Korea, but this is the food that you can eat well in Korea. *_^ More

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