Review: Look at My Eyes – Cafe Latte (BR405) Eye Shadow from Etude House

Etude House eye shadow

Etude House eye shadow

I bought this light pink shade of eye shadow from Etude House. I use it almost everyday~

***It is in my favorite lists of shadows for daily wear.***

It gives some life and brightness to my sleepy eyes :p lolx..

I really love this brown/pink/nudy/soft looking color~



Etude House Eyeshadow Green and Orange


Hi friends,

Has anybody ever tried these two colors from Etude House. I would love to read your reviews on these single eyeshadows.

Actually I want to buy a dark green shadow but I always find khaki shadows in almost every Korean brands. I saw this color somewhere and saved the picture. Now I want to read your reviews so I may go and buy this color. @@

Please recommend me other Korean brands which offer similar shadow colors.

Thanks for sharing your reviews and suggestions ~ ^^ ♥

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