[Review] Water Essence FOUNPACT SPF 35 PA++ LUNA


Water Essence Founpact SPF 35 PA++

LUNA foundation pact have a wonderful offer for you to have makeup and hydrated skin all day long~

This water essence founpact is really amazing to enhance your beauty in a healthier way.  More


[Review] Sunny Glam Water Glow Highlighter M13 Talc Free Prorance


Who will not fall in love with this beautiful and elegant looking highlighter ~ (@_@)

First, I fell in love with the beautiful outlet and then I was captured by the product description (talc free)

SAM_0952 More

[Review] Oh My EyeLine Eyeliner Etude House

Oh my Eyeline -- from Etude House

Oh my Eyeline — from Etude House

Etude House have these beautiful eyeliners in 3 colors (black, gray, and brown)

My Choice:

Gray looked similar to black and less dark, which I don’t like~ :-p
I already had so many black eyeliners from different brands that I could not pick the black one~ hehe.. Also, I am not sure about purple and blue :-p


[Review] Hot Style Hair Spray (Ultra Hard) Etude House


Hot Style hair spray from Etude House is my recent favorite item and I want to share my reviews with all of you. ^^

This is a product worth purchase. It is affordable with greater quality 😉

*******How to Use******** 

1) Wash you hair and let them dry

2) Tease your hair with a comb to give them volume look

3) Spray your hair for them to stay in style ^^

(hollywood-hairstyles.com) More

[Review] Angel’s Ring Aqua Hair Essence Holika Holika


Hair essence keeps your hair moist and damp and cares for frizzzy hair.

I first saw this angel’s ring aqua hair essence from Holika Holika online, and I found it very interesting by looking at the product description.

aqua More

[Review] All Over Perfume Mist Secret Blossom The Face Shop

All over Perfume Mist

All Over Perfume Mist Secret Blossom from The Face Shop


Beautiful Hair Accessories Used in Korea :)


In Korea, most of the girls keep their hair untied while the girls who tie their hair use cute accessories for ponytail hair style. ^^

I will review the few items that are most popular. 🙂

1 .Best Selling Top Fashion Hair Ties

1 hair

These bands look cute and elegant in your hair.  They are available in many colors.  More

[Review] Breath Mist Perfume Peach (17 ml) Etude House


Etude House Breath Mist Perfume

Etude House — breath mist

Etude House have various useful products. Breath mist/perfume is among one of them..  More

[Review] Dr. Lash Ampule Long & Volume Etude House

Hi girls~

Who loves long and healthy eye lashes?? YES~ every girl wants long and healthy eyelashes. Really, your eye lashes glorify your beauty. ~

Etude house have a wonderful product for your lashes care, named “Dr. Lash Ampule”.


This product includes two items, 1) Dr. Lash Ampule, and 2) Dr. Lash Serum and one Scale (in millimeters)

[Review] Lip Care Cream (Shea Butter and Mango Butter) The Face Shop


Who likes butter?? ^^ Me me….  I like butter in my daily routine…. **

Your lips need butter too ^^ In winter, your lips get dry and cracked. Moisturizing your lips is important specially in winter.

The Face Shop has wonderful products. Today I will talk about I’m Mango Butter and I’m Shea Butter from TFS.

I'm Mango Butter & I'm Shea Butter

I’m Mango Butter & I’m Shea Butter


Love of The Face Shop Products *_^



I bought a couple of items online from The Face Shop (TFS).
Items list (from left to right):

1. Spot corrector
2. Angel skin makeup base
3. Magic touch loose powder
4. Wooden hair brush
5. Lip cream (Shea butter)
6. All-over perfume mist
7. Lovely Makeup base (green)  More

[Review] Magic White Massage Pack Tomatox TonyMoly


Good day ^^

Today’s review is about TonyMoly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack .. This massage pack  is very famous among Koreans ^^


The packaging is really cute ~ Magic white massage cream serves its purpose v. well~  (instant white and relaxed skin) (*_^)  More

[Review] Panda Dream White Magic Cream TonyMoly


Good day ^^

Today’s review is about Tony Moly Panda Dream White Magic cream.. This cream is my current favorite day wear cream.

SAM_0915 More

[Review] Daily Garden Lip & Eye Remover in Olive Holika Holika

Blame The Store

Yeaaayyy another review!I actually planned to write and publish this yesterday but due to some problems I can’t. But I’m happy that I can write this today 😀

Who had problems with removing eye makeup?*hands up* I do. I don’t wear thick eye makeup (or that’s what I think) but I still find removing my eye makeup is the least favorite thing to do. Why? Because I use waterproof products and they are hard to remove for a reason, so they will not smudge on your lids. I tried some different ways of removing my eye makeup, like using soap and water for a few times (which DOESN’T work at all — waterproof!), using baby wipes (works on my face, but not on my eyes), using an oil-based product (like Egyptian Magic Cream, which I don’t find convenient), and even body lotions rubbed on my lids (weird…

View original post 743 more words

[Review] Luminous Goddess Aura Makeup Mist (80 ml) TonyMoly


Today’s review is about TonyMoly’s Luminous Goddess Aura Makeup Mist ^^


One bottle is well shaken… ^^ sparkling beauty ^^  More

[Review] It’s Skin Clinical Solution AC Spot Balm (20 ml)


Today, I am going to review Clinical Solution AC Spot Balm from It’s Skin (20 ml).




[Review] Snail Repair EYE Cream Multi Function Forumla (25 ml) Mizon


Today, I am going to review Mizon Multi Function Forumla Snail Repair EYE Cream  (25 ml).

SAM_0883 More

[Review] Mizon Whitening & Rejuvenating Herbal Orange Blossom Ampoule (30 ml)


Today, I am going to review Mizon Herbal Orange Blossom Ampoule (30 ml).

SAM_0849 More

Korea Grand Sale 2015 ^^


The Korea Grand Sale 2015, the largest shopping/tourism festival ever held in this country, will run for 84 days from December 1, 2014 to February 22, 2015
The Event is a shopping/tourism festival designed to give foreign tourists a good time by offering them exciting shopping benefits, experience of Hallyu (Korean Wave), and the joys of sightseeing. More

Table Setting of Korean Food ^^

Table settings for Korean Food~ Post from #CommunityKorea

In the traditional Korean table setting, all dishes are served on one table at the same time as an open space pattern. The basis of the table setting is for one person. Table settings are classified as bap-sang (regular dining table) with cooked rice as the main dish, juk-sang (porridge table), myeon-sang (noodle table), juan-sang (liquor table), dagwa-sang (refreshment table), and gyoja-sang (large dining table).

table1 More

[Review] Holika Holika Aqua Fantasy Whitening Cream (50 ml)


Today I am reviewing Aqua Fantasy Whitening Cream from Holika Holika.

IMG_6695 More

[Review] The Face Shop-Clean Face Spot Corrector (15 ml)


Today, I am going to review Clean Face Spot Corrector from THE FACE SHOP.

IMG_6674 More

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