[Review] Holika Holika Aqua Fantasy Whitening Cream (50 ml)


Today I am reviewing Aqua Fantasy Whitening Cream from Holika Holika.


The whitening cream provides 60% Iceland glacial water and hot spring water. The cream moisturizes the skin and provides whitening care ^^


Look at the shining logo “Aqua Fantasy”, it looks very cute & elegant ^^

The whitening cream comes in a glass container which is very elegant and nice ~



The appearance of this cream is non-transparent white color.



In different lightening condition…

This cream absorbs very well and leaves a moisturizing effect~

Directions to Apply:

1. Use it after cleansing your skin ~

*****My Tip*****
I use this Aqua Fantasy Whitening Cream after cleansing and applying my Pore Correcting Toner from Missha (Review is here) and Aqua Fantasy Whitening Toner from Holika Holika (Review is here). I usually wait for about 2~4 minutes so that the toners completely absorb in my skin..

2. Use a right amount and smoothly spread it out and tap on your face for it to absorb

Ingredients and directions are given below…


My Score:

This whitening cream is my current favorite whitening cream and it works perfect~ The whitening results are not fast though…. *_@


Online Purchase Link:

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