My Happiest Memory in Seoul – Sevit Island

Happiest Memory:
My happiest memory in Seoul is visiting “Some Sevit Island” that floats on Hangang River. It was a beautiful evening of August when I decided to attend the Intl. dessert fair. I will be sharing my whole day spent on Sevit Island. Continue reading…

About Sevit Island:
Sevit Island is a floating man-made island that is located at the southern part of the Banpo Bridge. It is a very first-ever artificial island that was built to float on the surface of Hangang River in Seoul. The island is comprised of three flower-themed islets, namely, solvit, chavit and gavit that have different functions.

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Below are my shots of the night view at Sevit Island



First I attended the dessert fair where many local and international dessert brands had settled their stalls. The fair was opened in a big hall at the 3rd floor of Sevit island. It was very crowdy during 4~6:00pm. I tried to take good closeups of dessert as possible. Below are some delicious looking dessert’ photos from the fair.


After the fair ended around 6:30~7:00 pm, I came out on the deck of sevit island. The sunset view  was amazing from there and cool evening breeze was mesmerizing. I took the sunset shots from my ordinary DSLR lens, but the results are amazing.. IMG_9427.JPG

I walked outside the floating island, and took evening shots of the sevit island. The lightings were making the view more beautiful~ I took several shots under different lights, check out these…
IMG_9594.JPGIMG_9559.JPGShort Puzzle:  In this photo above, find out the N. Seoul tower in the background ~ 🙂

My evening was ended by watching a wonderful Korean fire dance performance. I made a video and uploaded it on Youtube (Click here).

In summary, I should say that my evening was well spent at the Sevit island and I returned with joyful memories to last forever..  I really enjoyed yummy desert and beautiful sun set there. If you are in Seoul, visit Sevit Island because it is Free entrance.

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All photos are mine. Copyright (2016). Don’t copy without my permission.

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Seoul in my Soul – My Happiest Memory in Seoul

“Climb Mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world”. (McCullough)

Seoul is always full of excitement and joys. This city is a blend of natural beauty and modern culture. There are a lot of recreational places, such as theme parks, traditional palaces, shopping malls, man-made island, and natural sceneries. There are five big mountains surrounding the city of Seoul where you can go for hiking, so you can see the world. heart

I love my entire stay in Seoul since 2014. I want to visit Seoul in each and every corner because every place offers you wonderful experiences and great memories.

My happiest memory in Seoul is hiking— I never experienced hiking before, so it was quite a thrilling experience for me. I hiked on Achasan mountain on a bit sunny day with my Korean friend (wearing white cap in the photo).


Me (red shirt), Korean friend (gray t-shirt)

My hiking course was from Yongmasan to Achasan (about 5km). I loved the track that was little bit sloppy somewhere and trekking trails were provided otherwise. It was not difficult though. The view from the top was unbelievably amazing that I could not have experienced ever ! I was stunned to see the beauty of spectacular mountains, N. Seoul tower in the far vicinity, and cool Hangang river…


Spectacular view from Achasan Mountain


N. Seoul tower in the far background – view from the mountain top

achasan mountain_2.jpg

Beautiful Hangang river in Seoul – view from Achasan Mountain

It was my happiest memory in Seoul, and I would love to do hiking on all the mountains surrounding Seoul in order to view the spectacular scenery of the majestic mountains, and sunrise, sunsests. ❤



I placed the last stone on the pile 🙂

It feels amazing when you reach the top of the mountain. . I am overjoyed …IMG_0158-output.JPG

Hiking in Seoul is my happiest memory 🙂
All these pictures are mine. Copyright (c) 2016.

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Happy Friday~ ^^

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Hi beautiful girls ^^

Its been long time since I wrote my last post. I missed all my fellow bloggers very much~ Also, I am so sad for not being able to make posts due to the heavy work burden at School. Anyways, I am back with more enthusiasm and energy to make interesting posts and I hope you enjoy it.

Today, I will write a post about hair accessories and how you can style your hair everyday~:)

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