[Review] Snail Repair EYE Cream Multi Function Forumla (25 ml) Mizon


Today, I am going to review Mizon Multi Function Forumla Snail Repair EYE Cream  (25 ml).



Its box look like this… (golden shiny brown)



The cream comes in a small size glass container. (25 ml)


Cream is in very small quantity ^^ However, it is enough for a long time because you will be using this only for your eyes and not entire face.. 🙂


Manufacture date is under the cream container…



This all in one snail repair eye cream and it has following benefits ^^

1)  Outstanding skin regenerating effect – 80% of snail secretion filtrate

Mucin from snail slime helps skin regeneration.

2) E.G.F (Endothelial Growth Factor)

E.G.F. is one of the cell components which starts decreasing from age 25. Snail repair eye cream containing E.G.F. helps sensitive skin around eyes, especially prone to wrinkles.

3) Fine wrinkle care by adenosine & peptide, certified for anti-aging

Adenosin and peptide are effective for skin firming.

4) Dark Circle Care through Niacinamide for skin brightening

Niacinamide helps to solve dark circle problems by controlling melanin formation.

How to Use:
Take a proper amount and apply around your eyes, patting lightly until absorbed. (*_*)


This cream has light creamy texture and provides a moisturizing effect when applied.


A more closer look…

Product Description:

In English…



My Views:

I use this cream daily, and I can see my dark circles are lesser than before… ^^

My rating is 9/10

Online Purchase Link:

Price: $18

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